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New Faster Servers - Saturday, May 05, 2012

Over the next month we will be migrating all of our customers website to a new hosting provider. We have been testing for a few days now and the speed improvements are significant. We will be in touch with site owners over the next few weeks to arrange a time for the change over. There will of course be options for those customers who want to stay put.

Carabang Web Services are moving to a new platform - Tuesday, October 25, 2011

During october Carabang Web Services are migrating to a new server with all new software. Over the next few weeks we will be testing the migration process.


Want to be the next Facebook?

If you're aiming for a site on the same scale as Facebook or Google then you are not the right place. However if you want to start your own niche social networking site, Interactive forums or community site with membership signup etc then we can help you. If you’ve had a great idea for a web application, we can help you with that! Just let us know what it is you want and well give you an honest assessment of how we can help. If we cant do it our selves then we may know just the right people to help you.

Making the complex simple

Making the complex simple

No matter how grand your designs, complex your plans or intricate your scheme. We pride ourselves in the ability to break it down into manageable modules. The beauty of breaking apart a complex problem into small pieces is finding simplicity. Even the most impressive house is made from bricks and mortar. It just comes down to how many you use and where you put them.    

You don't have to be rich!

You don't have to be rich!

By reusing existing modules and software we are able to dramatically reduce the cost of developing web applications. That means that your website will cost you less and be up and running sooner.

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