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New Faster Servers - Saturday, May 05, 2012

Over the next month we will be migrating all of our customers website to a new hosting provider. We have been testing for a few days now and the speed improvements are significant. We will be in touch with site owners over the next few weeks to arrange a time for the change over. There will of course be options for those customers who want to stay put.

Carabang Web Services are moving to a new platform - Tuesday, October 25, 2011

During october Carabang Web Services are migrating to a new server with all new software. Over the next few weeks we will be testing the migration process.


Why choose us?

Hosting is a fully integrated part of our service offering. By running all of our customers websites on a unified platform we are able to pass on the benefits of scale to our customers.

We provide a managed hosting solution. This means that we take care of all of the configuration and maintenance for you. This does mean your hosting costs will be slightly higher than if you went to a budget hosting company yourselves. But then you would not be getting our expertise and customer service!

The benefit to you is that you do not have to spend the hours keeping up-to-date on the latest security threats and software patches. All you need to be concerned with is your customers and providing them with the content they require    

Basic Managed Hosting

Basic Managed Hosting

Our basic hosting offering costs just $25 a month and is the suggested plan for our Instant Website. Included in this price is the maintenance of your content management system (CMS) and regular backups of your site

Premium Managed Hosting

Premium Managed Hosting

If you have opted for or upgraded to a Custom Install Site then you will require our premium managed hosting service. From $50 This includes ongoing maintenance and configuration of your interactive modules and complementary support credits to be used each month.

Dedicated Managed Hosting

Dedicated Managed Hosting

If for any reason you feel the need for your site to be hosted on its own dedicated server there are a number of options you can consider. Please contact us to discuss your options and we will be more than happy to provide you with a quote.

Host your site your self

Want to move to a new hosting company?

In the unlikely event that you decide to move your site to a new hosting company we will provide you with a DVD including all the core software content and graphics for your website. As this is not a trivial task there is a $500 fee charged.

Should you require assistance moving your site then we will do this for you charged at our standard support rates. Unfortunately once the move is complete we will be unable continue supporting the site for you.

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